2016 Creative Goals


This graphic a metaphor.

First, it’s a little messy. Just like how I expect 2016 to be.

Secondly, it’s a collection of doors. I imagine this year is going to have a variety of doors/opportunities … I need to find the courage to walk through them and the wisdom to know which ones.

Here are the doors I know I want to enter this year.

Behind Door 1: a final manuscript of Yes Novel Salt Novel (???) (edited 1.10.16)

Behind Door 2: a first draft of my next novel.

Behind Door 3: three new story ideas, just the bare bones.

Behind Door 4: a writing retreat.

Behind Door 5: a day of creative exploration.

Behind Door 6: a pruned TBR shelf, via reading and weeding.

Behind Door 7: a book of poetry every month.

Behind Door 8: a healthier writing lifestyle.

I’ll be keeping you guys posted this year about these eight doors and my plans for them. Some will be easier than others. Some will require me to first pry the door open. Some I might need to get pushed over the threshold.

But I’m excited. 2016, come at me.

5 thoughts on “2016 Creative Goals

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