November at the Speed of Life

Where has 2015 gone? I can’t believe November is already half over. I feel like 2016 is just at the horizon, and I’m blinking at it, wondering how we got here.

I feel happy. Right now. This morning I felt anxious and even took my panic pill because I had two items on my day’s agenda that I didn’t want to face, including a phone call I’ve avoided since I first bought my house. Sometimes being a grown-up is just so hard.

It sure has been nice to have the draft of Yes Novel turned in though. I’ve been resting and reading– but still brainstorming and thinking lots about the manuscript. Yesterday I realized that I already missed writing, so I let myself write for fun (“I’ll stop if I get frustrated or stressed.”) and I loved every minute. I wrote till two in the morning and wished I could go all night.

Isn’t that crazy– how fast we can miss things? I popped in both of the Deathly Hallows films, one after the other, while I worked on a couple scenes for Yes Novel (scenes I now love, by the way). I know that I’m still in the Uncomfortable Middle. But I’ve started to dream about the Finishing Touches, imagining those days will come.

Perhaps they’ll be here before we know it. It’s already mid-November. In the words of Laurel Hart, “Seems like I only blinked and here I am. I’m spiraling toward the end of now and the start of infinity.”

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