6 Weeks Till Truest: Quiz! Who is Your Green Lake BFF?

Did you take this quiz? Did you read my book? Was the quiz right? 🙂


t6Wow! Just six more weeks till Truest comes out!

My story takes place in the fictional town of Green Lake, Minnesota– based off of my own hometown of Kimball, Minnesota, pop. 700. Take this quiz and find out which of my characters would be your Green Lake BFF.

(I tried my darnedest to embed this sucker, but in the end, it’s going to take you temporarily to another site. Then come back and post your results, okay? I wanna know!)

Green Lake BFF Quiz

Learn more about Truest and pre-order your copy at jackieleasommers.com/truest.

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6 thoughts on “6 Weeks Till Truest: Quiz! Who is Your Green Lake BFF?

  1. Got Westlin, no surprise! Figured since, while Laurel is my favorite and we have a ton in common, somehow I’ve got even more still in common with West. I’d love to be best friends with any of them, though.

  2. Before I took the quiz and after reading the book, I guessed that I would get Elliot or Gordon. I was right: Gordon. I suppose that makes sense since, given who my current best friend is.

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