Thank You & Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to everyone who took my blog survey. Your answers were so thoughtful and encouraging. I am really excited about your ideas!

The winner of the signed copy of my novel was Mary, who has been contacted! Thank you again– you can look forward to some fun new blog content in the coming days and weeks!


6 thoughts on “Thank You & Giveaway Winner!

  1. I finished Truest last night and found myself wondering throughout the day about the characters. How did the rest of senior year go for West, Silas and the others? I hope they are still in love, but work on their communication skills and supporting each other emotionally rather than resume their physical intimacy. I hope they grow together in faith and in their individual walk with God. I’ve been wondering if they go to the same college? Will they stay together without further break ups? They are both quite mature for their age. I’d like to see them marry at age 20 or 21. It would bring a daughter back into the Hart family and I think West’s parents would give their blessing. In other words Jackie, you have hooked me into caring about them as if they were real people. Only a gifted writer can do that and you have done it well. Nice work!

  2. I really liked the character of Whit, and felt so sorry for him because of his dad. He coped as he could, and I liked how he was looked out for in the end. I would like to see him further into the future. But what about West and Silas? Now in my mind, they are married by then, so they must be sharing a house with another single woman or other people? Please say “yes”, 🙂

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