State of the Blogger: Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

September 1, 2015. Here in half an hour.

I wrote a book. Whoa.

I’m really proud of how it turned out– with so much help from God and Jill.

Cindy and I are sitting in my living room with a couple lamps on for ambiance. We’re each on our laptops in companionable silence that is sometimes interrupted when I sing, “I wrote a book. I wrote a book. I wrote a book, hey-hey-hey-hey.” I’m either charming or else really, really annoying.

But I’m not going to worry about it tonight. Tonight I’m going to be grateful and tired and wildly happy. Like that? I got an email from myself from this day last year that told me not to do anything this week that didn’t make me wildly happy. So today I got ice cream at Nelson’s in Stillwater. For those of you not from the Twin Cities, that means I got a raucous amount of ice cream.

After tomorrow, I’ll need to find something else to look forward to. I was tweeting about that with Dan, another member of my Fearless Fifteeners group, and this was his response:

I like that.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow (and the next day and the next day and the next …) brings.

If you’re a praying sort of person, toss a few up for me, would you? That I would read well and be charming and make people laugh at my launch party; that I would graciously receive (or graciously avoid) feedback in the coming days; that I would remember that I’m not alone in this– it was never a solo project. Never.

Thanks, everyone!!


3 thoughts on “State of the Blogger: Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

  1. Reblogged this on Jackie Lea Sommers and commented:

    Remembering the launch of Truest today and all that has happened in the last year. Some high highs, some low lows. And onto a new project with new things to look forward to! I have a very sweet life, and I am always glad for the reminder that I am never in it alone.

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