Self-Directed ERP Therapy

The frontline, evidence-based treatment for OCD is exposure and response prevention therapy. Even if you’re not in a position where you can afford to meet with a specialist, you can still track down a book written by a specialist and do ERP on your own. Either way is going to require great courage, perseverance, and discomfort– but you can do it. Do it to get your freedom and life back.


???????????????????????????????????????If you’ve spent any time hanging around this blog, you know that I’m a huge proponent of treating OCD with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, which is the best treatment available. It’s the first and only* treatment I recommend.

People often balk at it, which I understand: it’s difficult. Very difficult. People want an easier option. But I wouldn’t recommend a bandaid for a cancerous tumor, and I won’t suggest anything else.

But I’m too embarrassed …

But I can’t afford it …

But there are no ERP specialists in my area …

Those are all very valid reasons for seeking another treatment option, but the GOOD NEWS is that you can do ERP on your own, if you are committed to it, and if you’re willing to work hard.

It’s still important to have an expert guiding you, so please track down one of the following books:

Stop Obsessing by…

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3 thoughts on “Self-Directed ERP Therapy

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  2. Hi Jackie
    I am 12 year old girl suffering from HOCD. I’ve loved boys my whole life and have had sex fantasies about men before. I have had several crushes on guys and thought they were attractive. I have never thought a girl as attractive, and honestly, I think girls are bitches. I love men way too much. I obsess over hot male celebrities every day almost. This questioning started when one female youtuber that I watch sometimes turned out to be lesbian. Then I started to question my self. Some days I have panic attacks or cry myself to sleep. Sometimes I wish that I would die, and I don’t wanna deal with this. Is there a technique that I can use to overcome my HOCD?
    Also I haven’t told my parents because Im scared that they will assume the worst. Pls help me

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