Truest, by Jackie Lea Sommers

Lovely review of Truest from my blogger friend Alison!

Alison Doherty

19370252I’ve been excited about reading Truest, by Jackie Lea Sommers, for a long time. A really really long time. Why? Because I’ve been reading her blog since before she even got an agent. And because after she wrote this guest post about belonging to a writing group, Jackie and I stayed in touch and she such a big inspiration and support on my writing/grad school/hopefully eventually publishing journey. She is such a caring person and her blog posts are so well-written and interesting that I couldn’t wait to get the book in my hands. Those were the reasons I was excited to read Truest. After finishing the book (in basically one sitting) here are the reasons you should be excited about it…

The story follows small-town pastor’s daughter, Westlin Beck through the summer before her senior year. In the beginning, she seems like she has everything figured out. Her…

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