There’s No Good Time To Move, Is There?

Moving is always going to be a hassle, an interruption, an inconvenience. I’m trying to remind myself of that.

Of course, moving into a home that is still being renovated is a whole new level of hell.

But no. The truth is that I’ve been through hell, and this isn’t even close. Perspective, Jackie.

How are you, friends? I’ve missed you guys this month. Tell me what you’re looking forward to this summer!

3 thoughts on “There’s No Good Time To Move, Is There?

  1. Did my books in suitcase idea work out?

    I am looking forward to continuing my poetry writing! And my trip in August 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to an Alaskan cruise in a week, then some revisions of my novel, heading toward writing the next! fun stuff on the horizon!!!

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