Silver Lining

I had a rough day.

The flooring of my choice threatened to fall through and I had to scramble over to a flooring warehouse to look at other options– which I hated– and then had to make an executive decision without any input.

Also, some rough feedback from my editor.

But here’s the thing: no panic.

My heart didn’t race. My stomach didn’t tie itself in excruciating knots. My world didn’t end.

I thought: I’ll deal with it. I’ll figure it out. It will turn out okay.

If this seems small to you, you haven’t been around this blog long. 🙂

I declare a victory.

3 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. I’ve had days that my editor’s comments were hard to take, but I am like you, I just try to ‘take them in stride’, and make the best I can out of them. Hope your day is better!!!

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