4 thoughts on “Book Review: Truest by Jackie Lea Sommers

  1. Awesome! I love hearing the great feedback you’re getting! 🙂 PS – I know it’s not much and you’re completely swamped with life, but I nominated you for a creative blogger award (it’s a blog hop). No worries if you’re busy and want to bow out. I just wanted to get your name out in my corner of the world. Any news on the ARC’s? I’d still love to do a blog book review for you too!

    • I saw that! I’ll try my best to jump in on the blog hop!!

      I only have one ARC, but I could loan it to you to read– I’d love for you to do a review! My friend Erica gets the ARC next, but I can add you to the list after her, if you want?

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