Poetry 2015 Campaign: Read Along with Me?

As you may have seen, one of my goals this year is to read more poetry– in fact, to read at least one book of poetry each month. I’ve thought this through and have a solid plan in place, including a curated list of books that I believe to be widely varied.

It occurred to me that maybe some of my blog readers might also have a similar goal– or might if they only knew where to start! Just in case anyone wants to join me this year, here’s what’s on my plate each month. I would love it if you tracked down the book and read it with me so that we could discuss it on my blog at the end of each month!

It’s up to you, friends! I’m not going to do a formal link-up, though if you read the book(s) and do a review, you’re absolutely more than welcome to include a link to it in my comments.

One disclaimer: I’ve read only a few poems from Polar and Once in the West, plus all of The Singer Trilogy. Everything else? We’ll be shocked, surprised, delighted, scandalized, overwhelmed, etc. together!


poetry 2015 prep

5 thoughts on “Poetry 2015 Campaign: Read Along with Me?

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