OCD Intervention

interventionSomeone asked me, “How do you talk to someone about OCD if you think they may be dealing with it?”

That’s a great question. A tricky one too.

I’m not even sure I know the answer besides carefully, gently, and with compassion.

I thought I’d pose it to you, my blog readers: does anyone have any advice for how to stage an OCD intervention?

Lots of posts about OCD and ERP at jackieleasomers.com/OCD.

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2 thoughts on “OCD Intervention

  1. Wow. That is a good question. I think it needs to be done very carefully and with consideration that each person is very different. I also think that it needs to be done by someone who has a good relationship with the sufferer – so it does not seem like they are just a “project” to fix. Lastly, I also think it would probably be good to consult an OCD knowledgeable psychologist first, as well.

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