in which history is amazing

So, so great.

mackenzi lee

Unless you’re new here, it will come as no surprise that one of my three great loves is history. I have a BA in history. I write historical fiction. My first job was as a blacksmith’s apprentice at an 1850s reenacenment park. My first boyfriend took me to a pioneer ball1.

However, it has come to my attention that some people out there think history is boring.

To which I say, BORING!? What is wrong with you!?

Oh, you’re probably thinking about all those dates your teacher made you memorize in high school. On this day, this bill was signed. On this day, so and so was elected president. This was the year a war was won.

And you would be right—that crap is boring. But history is not!

So here’s a PSA to remind you that history is not boring. It is, in fact, the single most…

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4 thoughts on “in which history is amazing

  1. As a fellow history BA/history lover, I cannot let this pass by.

    Dates are boring? The year that someone was elected president or the date a war was won is boring? WHAT?!?!

    Facts are interesting, sure, but what makes history fascinating is not facts — it’s context. And we learn the context when we look at the time period that events take place!

    I mean, Stonewall Jackson ate lemons on the battlefield. Interesting fact! But what does that tell me about the Civil War, the abolitionist movement, the politics that led to the Civil War (and U.S.-trained officers defecting to the Confederacy), the way in which our country viewed loyalty to one’s state as opposed to the United States, etc? Knowing *when* the Civil War took place — and the history of the people who lived during that time — is crucial to understanding how and why the war occurred.

    A guy who eats lemons? I mean, I could go home and do that every night, but no one really cares…because I’m not leading a country or winning a war. 🙂

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