Mid-Year Survey (& Giveaway!)

survey and giveawayI know surveys are no fun (at least for most of us), but your feedback really does help to improve my blog, especially since I write about a wide variety of topics.  The anonymous survey below is just 4 questions, and they are all optional.  They are also open-ended. The goal of this survey is to collect questions from my readers that will become future blog topics.

If you would take just 2-3 minutes to think about what sort of content you’d like to see at jackieleasommers.com and then respond, I’d be so terribly grateful to you!

As I said, the survey is anonymous, but if you post in the comments that you took the survey, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a FREE BOOK!  After the winner is randomly chosen, I’ll ask you what kind of book you would like, then I’ll personally select a book just for you.  Shipping only available in the US, sorry!

Click HERE to take the itty-bitty survey!  And remember to leave a comment after you’ve taken it so that you’ll be entered into the drawing!


Image credit: Chris/Shutterhacks, modified by me

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