Courage to Write

unsplash9.1In the past seven months, I have realized just how courageous a writer needs to be.

Brave enough to attempt to make something out of nothing.
Brave enough to seek out feedback and criticism on a wild, unruly word-child.
Brave enough to face heartbreaking rejection from agents and editors.
Brave enough to consider a whole new direction for the story or poem.
Brave enough to allow readers to love or hate your baby.

Since I underwent ERP, I haven’t been so afraid as after I got my contract.

Nor have I been so courageous.


Image credit: Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Courage to Write

  1. What a beautiful post. And so true. I teach writing and I tell my students that all the time. Writing is your baby and it is like putting yourself out there on display all the time. But there is so much beauty in putting yourself out there. We have to overcome.

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