Boys in Books are Better

I wish.

I wish.

Allow me to demonstrate.

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind, Hazel Grace. It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.”
Augustus Waters of The Fault in Our Stars

“He stops and looks at me. ‘I’m here because of you. You’re my priority. Your happiness, in some fucked way, is tuned in to mine. Get that through your thick skull. Would I like it any other way? Hell, yes, but I don’t think that will be happening in my lifetime.”
Jonah Griggs of Jellicoe Road

“I say, ‘I will not be your weakness, Sean Kendrick.’
Now he looks at me. He says, very softly, ‘It’s late for that, Puck.”
Sean Kendrick of The Scorpio Races

“Come here,” she says.
“No, you come here.”
“I said it first.”
“Rock paper scissors.”
“No. Because you’ll do nerdy calculations and work out what I chose the last six times and then you’ll win.”
Will pushes away from the table and his hand snakes out and he pulls her toward him and Tom figures that Will was always going to go to her first.” 
Will Trombal of Saving Francesca and The Piper’s Son

“I have a dream,” he said slowly. “I persist in dreaming it, although it has often seemed to me that it could never come true. I dream of a home with a hearth-fire in it, a cat and dog, the footsteps of friends — and YOU!”
Gilbert Blythe of the Anne of Green Gables series

“Do you remember all of your audiences?”
“Not all of them. But I remember the people who look at me the way you do.”
“What way might that be?”
“As though they cannot decide if they are if they are afraid of me or they want to kiss me.”
“I am not afraid of you.”
Marco Alisdair of The Night Circus

Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Boys in Books are Better

  1. We were on the phone, talking about the frisbee game CanJam.
    “We make a good team,” he said.
    “Are you past tensing us?” I asked.
    “No, wait, make, we MAKE a good team.” he said.
    “Yeah, I believe in our potential.” I said. Earlier that day I had told his cousin that I believed in his potential to be good at pool volleyball, so I was trying to be funny.
    Then I realized that’s actually sort of heavy to say
    FIVE DAYS into knowing someone.
    But I said it.
    So I took it to the next level.
    “I believe in the potential of us,” I said.
    “Good,” he said, without skipping a beat, “because I do too.”

    I knew he had never dated anyone before,
    but I wasn’t sure why.
    “I don’t know, I just didn’t think I wanted to date, that’s all.” he said.
    “Well, why did you decide to date me then?”
    He laughed out loud and said,
    “I mean,
    There’s no way I was gonna pass all that awesome up.”

    Danny Gratien, my real life boyfriend.

      • You know it!
        There’s no way I could write a better boy.
        Actually, I stopped writing for two months while I was getting up the nerve to ask him out/while I was getting to know him.
        He asked why.
        I said,
        “I can’t write any stories now because I’m too busy living ours.”
        He took that as the highest compliment 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, yes yes yes yes yes and yes. Especially for Augustus and Gilbert!

    I’ve got to add Calvin from Wrinkle in Time, Levi from Fangirl, and all the boys from Stephanie Perkins novels to my fictional swoon list.

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