A Thought

paradoxSometimes I think that there is no way I can actually write a book as good as the book I’m imagining in my head. It’s like everything starts to die when I commit it to the page.

But then sometimes I think that my book is so much more than I could dream of, like sitting down to write is what made it come alive.

I don’t know whether to grieve or celebrate, so I guess I do both.

The writing life.


Image credit: Roxana Trifa


2 thoughts on “A Thought

  1. So I’m no writer, but I suggest just start writing! What comes out is what is meant to be on the paper. There have been a lot of projects that I’ve pictured in my mind that didn’t come out the way I hoped, but some came out better than I could have dreamed. Some didn’t, but I still learned from them.

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