Summer Required Reading … for me!

Help me choose what to read (and in what order) this summer!  You can choose more than one answer.  (Look below for quick JLS-hasn’t-read-these-yet descriptions of each book, i.e. what I think the books are about!)

Winger: a football player (who seems to get nosebleeds)

Cinder: a cyborg retelling of Cinderella

This Side of Salvation: a kid whose family joins a cult

All Our Yesterdays: one of those awesome books where two stories are really one

Daughter of Smoke and Bone: angels?  Angels and sex appeal??

Midwinterblood: nottaclue, but it won the Printz!

Better Off Friends: can a guy and girl be only friends?

Something Real: a girl who grew up on a reality TV show

What I Thought Was True: summer, a hot boy (can’t go wrong!)

3 thoughts on “Summer Required Reading … for me!

  1. I was wondering Jackie if you have read The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner before. One of my personal favorites because of the twist which she keeps in the sequels though I would have to say my favorite book is the third.

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