OCD and Fear

My friend Janet has a great post today about recovery avoidance. I have the benefit of seeing the things she discusses from both sides: I was terrified of treatment and ALSO scared to lose my OCD-identity, but in the end, the daily hell of OCD was stronger than my fear, and I started ERP therapy. Now, on the other side, I wish I’d done so sooner! I have a newfound freedom and am my real, authentic self again. If you are avoiding ERP therapy, let’s talk. If you have an excuse, I have the counter-argument. 🙂


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I’ve previously written about recovery avoidance in those with OCD, and how heartbreaking it can be for family and friends to know there is treatment for the disorder, yet their loved ones refuse to commit themselves to it. I’ve talked about how important it is for those with OCD to identify their values, so that the desire to regain the things they hold most dear could hopefully propel them toward recovery. But still, time after time, I hear of those who just can’t bring themselves to embrace treatment.

They are too afraid.

As someone without OCD, I have never understood this. In my mind, since OCD sufferers are already living a life of fear, it makes sense to pursue treatment (ERP therapy), and at least have this fear lead to some positive results: freedom from OCD. I know treatment is scary, but is it really scarier…

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3 thoughts on “OCD and Fear

  1. This is interesting…in my blog post today I contemplated the pros and cons of beginning ERP therapy. It is terrifying to me, and yet I know its the only way to get better….although sometimes I feel like just resining to living with the OCD. I am on the fence stilll….know I should do it, but its scary…

    • It is scary, that’s true. But daily life with OCD is worse.

      EVERY SINGLE THING in my life is better after just 12 weeks of ERP therapy, Karen. It’s been 5 years since those 12 weeks of therapy, and these 5 years have been AMAZING.

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