I want to know YOU.

So far in 2014, I’m averaging more than twice the daily views I had in 2013 … and yet, my readers are pretty anonymous.  I know you’re out there, friends!  Would you humor me and leave a comment?  It will only take you a minute, and it would delight this poor old writer who has the winter blues and whose manuscript is going to be the death of her.

Here’s what I want to know:

1. Your name.
2. Something you want.
3. The song you can’t get enough of.
4. Your favorite word.
5. A challenge you’re facing.

I’ll share mine too in a blog post soon!



30 thoughts on “I want to know YOU.

  1. 1.) Abby.
    2.) To see Jackie soon.
    3.) Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran ORRR Clear the Stage by Jimmy Needham. I know. Two very different artists with very different morals. Oh well. 🙂
    4.) Jesus.
    5.) Boys. Silly, silly boys.

  2. Heeeey, Jackie! I’m practicing the fine art of procrastination by responding to your post:

    1. Tara
    2. I want to be a professor (almost there!)
    3. Currently, I’m stuck on Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”
    4. Shenanigans. Hands down.
    5. My current challenge is advanced Statistics.

    #5 would be the reason I’ve been a terrible commenter this month, but I do read your posts via email!

  3. 1) Amy.
    2) To get an internship with Google
    3) “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Overcomer” by Mandisa
    4) My favorite word is perseverate, just because I like the sound of it. A therapist once used it to describe my maladaptive habits, and I’ve liked the sound of it ever since.
    5) Learning to like myself more and be ok, even if I make mistakes. Correction: when I make mistakes.

  4. 1. Your name-Ashley
    2. Something you want-to feel okay again
    3. The song you can’t get enough of- gold by owl city
    4. Your favorite word- happy
    5. A challenge you’re facing-hocd (I hope)

  5. 1. Megan
    2. A God honoring relationship with a witty outdoors-man that’s great at swing dancing. (Is that too much to ask?!)
    3. Love Don’t Go – The Family Crest
    4. I get strange, random words stuck in my head. Currently, “isthmus.”
    5. Balancing school work and fun

  6. 1. Natalie
    2. To travel the world and see everything that God has created: the land , the people and their culture.
    3.I love music and have too many songs I enjoy but the two songs I currently am playing nonstop are Don’t Tease Me and Why I’m Not by SPEED, a Korean pop group. Yes, I am into K-pop (and Asian dramas).
    4. Forgiven. To know that Jesus not only died for my sins but also freed me from them, renews me when I am struggling.
    5. My IRB for my research paper for the research methods class I need to pass to graduate this spring. Currently very confused and have no time left for addressing it so I can receive approval and begin conducting research and write the paper.

  7. Just for kicks… 😉

    1. Your name–Elyse
    2. Something you want–Long-term, a husband and family; short-term, a nap.
    3. The song you can’t get enough of–Lately it’s been Harry Connick, Jr.’s version of “(They Long to Be) Close to You.”
    4. Your favorite word–The word I keep repeating this week is “Chicanery.”
    5. A challenge you’re facing–Missing Jackie Lea!!!

  8. Okay, okay, but there should be a prize for this.

    1. Katie
    2. I would like a God-honoring, non-hectic, discipleship oozing, boy loving, successful growing season on our farm this year
    3. Song: “Be Thou My Vision” performed by Rend Collective
    4. Words i like: Stewardship, provide, trust, abide
    5. An overly emotional three year old who has been crying about most things throughout our days (maybe because we’re all sick, maybe because he’s the middle child…)

  9. 1. My name is Kathy Ellen Davis. Sometimes, SOMETIMES, people call me Ellie. But they have to know my name is Kathy Ellen. I will still be Kathy Ellen Davis when I get married (I know this BF is the one!) but I said he could call me by my last name with his family. This will turn my initials into KEG, which I think is hilarious. I’ve already sketched out how we could announce the wedding; a keds sneaker, an arrow, and a drawing of a keg.

    2. I want to have a book deal. I know it will happen soon. But, I also want to have YOU come to Bookshop Santa Cruz to do a reading and signing. And maybe we can read your book for book club and then you can come hang out and hear us chat about it!

    3. The song I can’t get enough of is a tie. I’m learning Wagon Wheel on guitar, so that’s fun. And “Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons. And I’ll never EVER be able to get enough of Footloose. THAT IS MY JAM!

    4. My favorite word is enthusiasm. As RWE said, “Nothing great ever happens without enthusiasm.” Or something like that!

    5. A challenge I’m facing is trying to juggle being a secret introvert, working 50 plus hours a week, and writing every day. I’m learning more and writing more and getting better and getting SO READY for that breakout book deal. But right now it feels like I’m giving all I can but it’s not enough. I’m learning to be easier on myself.

  10. 1. Melissa
    2. To be a real, live published author
    3. In part because I work at an elementary school and part because it’s just an awesome song, “Let it Go” from Frozen. The Idina version, of course. 😀
    4. Right now, it’s Rhapsody. It’s a fun word, plus music and history all wrapped in one! In ancient Greece, there were people called rhapsodes, who were kind of story/songwriter types, pretty much precursors to bards. In music today, it’s an improvised-like composition. Also, a nifty word.
    5. Revisions on my novel that seem to take forever.

  11. Kristin (sister of a soon to be famous author) goes by Kristi (by our dad, and mom always responds with “her name is Kristin!!”

    To move out of my place and to get really awesome and my “newish” job!!! and to meet a guy!!

    Oceans by Hillsong United, i just heard it on the radio this morning! Not sure if its a new song or not, but I fell in love with it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoZE2RsthRg

    Nervicted!!! because i invented it!! Nervous and Excited!!

    I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and feel like the hard part of maintaining (duh duh duhhhhhhh!) is going to be very hard.

  12. 1. Luke Corwin
    2. Grant funding for my research.
    3. At the moment, “The Stars & Stripes Forever”
    4. True
    5. Discerning the correct way, if any, to respond to friends who post blatant falsehoods (usually in the form of urban legends) on Facebook.

  13. 1. Allison
    2. A paying summer job
    3. Dark Horse (covered by Peter Hollens and Sam Tsui), and Oceans by Hillsong
    4. Intentionality
    5. balancing a new job with all my college classes and finding time for quality time with friends at the same time.

  14. 1) Carol
    2) a trip to Disneyland (it’s been far too long)
    3) I don’t really know, I love all our worship songs at church
    4) hmmmmmm, how about persevere?
    5) To study enough and to pass my state counseling licensing credentials exam on Friday, March 7th. (I am an OCD sufferer, who went back to school to obtain a MA in Counseling/Psychology in order to help my OCD brothers and sisters). I have a blessed job in private practice at a Christian counseling service.

  15. 1. Your name. – Akilah
    2. Something you want. – a vacation (which I am on right now!)
    3. The song you can’t get enough of. – n/a
    4. Your favorite word. – effervesce
    5. A challenge you’re facing. – tapping into my creativity

  16. 1. Brent
    2. Cash. Also, I’d like people to be more honest when asked what they want.
    3. Anything Drake or Dave Barnes does.
    4. ‘Demonstrably’ or ‘blasphemous’. Blasphemous is such a demonstrably powerful word to describe anything.
    5. The (over)use of em dashes (and parentheses) in my writing—it’s distracting, you know?

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