Do You HAVE to Finish a Book?

to readFor many years I have fallen on the “no, I do not have to finish a book” side of the argument.  My reasons are that there are so many GREAT books out there that I won’t waste my time with ones that don’t hold my interest.

However, there was recently a great blog post over at the Rabbit Room in which Pete Peterson talks about his reasons for plowing through.  You can read it here.

So, your chance to weigh in: do you have to finish a book once you’ve started?  Why or why not?

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5 thoughts on “Do You HAVE to Finish a Book?

  1. I have to know how it ends, so if it can’t hold my attention, I skip to the last few chapters and skim to see how it ends.

  2. i have to read a book all the way through, what if it gets good at the end, like Jellicoe Road (i was uber confused and you kept telling me to keep reading!!!)

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