3 thoughts on “This Gave Me Pause.

  1. Mmm, I’m not sure what I think of this. It feels a bit like a condemnation, and that doesn’t sit well. Terrible is the last word I would have chosen, and it makes me wonder who wrote this statement and if he/she was an artist or not…

  2. It reminds me of Joe Comeau, one of the authors of the “A Softer World” website. He would write something like that. It think what the phrase is referencing is that all art, even appreciative art, reflects a certain amount of dissatisfaction with the world. If a sunrise was perfect, there would not be so many poems about sunrises. If love was perfect, we would not tell so many love stories. In some ways, the reason that a writer would pour so much beauty into his/her work is because he/she sees so little beauty in the world, which would make that writers mind a terrible place to be.

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