Review: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

ravenboysAfter reading The Scorpio Races by Stiefvater (and wanting to roll around it and coat myself with awesomeness), I figured I’d better read The Raven Boys, also by her … and on my shelf since January (Des’s husband Matt bought it for me for my birthday!).

The premise is a little involved: Blue’s mom is a psychic, and she’s been told forever that if she (Blue) kisses her true love, then he’ll die.  Enter four boys from the nearby prep school: Gansey, Adam, Ronan, and Noah.  They all have very distinct and awesome personalities, and the brotherhood between the four is incredible!  Gansey is on a personal mission to find a ley line.  Craziness ensues.

You know what?  I liked it.  But moreso for the characters and their relationships and interactions with each other than for the whole psychic-and-ley-line-search plot.

Which reaffirmed to me that contemporary is the right “genre” for me to be writing in.

I do so love Gansey and Adam, though, and I already requested the audiobook* for The Dream Thieves (book two) from the library.  Looking forward to it!

* The audiobooks are read by Will Patton, and it’s a treat to listen to his Virginia drawl!!!  A definite bonus.

Have you read The Raven Boys?  Will you?

4 thoughts on “Review: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

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