My Literary Boyfriends *revised*

helpIt’s time for an update on my love life.

(Please note: my entire love life is fictional.)

(For now.)

And so I present to you …

My Top 8 Literary Boyfriends

1. Silas Hart of Truest
Is it unfair that I put the boy from my own book first?  I essentially created him to be my perfect boyfriend, were I seventeen years old.  A deep-thinking, goofy-as-all-get-out, handsome young poet.  Yup.

2. Augustus Waters of The Fault in Our Stars
He takes metaphorically fraught freethrows, for goodness sakes.

3. Jonah Griggs of Jellicoe Road
Causing a riot is what he does best.

4. Sean Kendrick of The Scorpio Races
My newest love!  He can swallow you with his eyes.

5. Will Trombal of Saving Francesca and The Piper’s Son
“His voice is deep and gravelly. I once heard one of the girls say that he had the voice of a sex god, but because I’ve never really heard what a sex god sounds like, I can’t verify that.” Works for me.

6. Gilbert Blythe of Anne of Green Gables
Oh Gil!  You can call me “Carrots” anytime!

7. Max Vandenberg of The Book Thief
I want a Jewish fist-fighter to protect me.

8. Joe Fontaine of The Sky is Everywhere
The smile.  It always comes back to that smile.

Your turn!!




4 thoughts on “My Literary Boyfriends *revised*

  1. About half of these gentlemen were already on my list (including the delectable Silas Hart!), but I know I’ll need to add Sean 😉 Just got the audiobook from the library!

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