Worst Music Videos Ever

You know this list is gonna be awful/incredible when the best of the worst is “Friday”!

5. “Friday” by Rebecca Black | Just asking that mind-stumping question of the ages: which seat can I take?

4. “Mass Text” by Tay Allyn | Is this a joke?  I mean, it’s that annoying.

3. “It’s Thanksgiving” by Nicole Westbrook | The guy who did “Friday” did this one too.  Be sure to hang with it till the amazing rap into the turkey leg microphone!

2. “Hot Problems” by Double Take | This pretty much seals their spot in the Mean Girls Hall of Fame.

1. “Goodbye” by D4NNY | My heart goes out to this kid– he looks so sweet, and he tried so hard.  Unfortunately …

3 thoughts on “Worst Music Videos Ever

  1. Yep…I have to agree. The TOP CHOICE is so bad that I will have to show my teenage son. He has a collection of his own…that I have not asked to see. Believe it or not, his video did cheer me up after a hard day.

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