Doubting Myself

Do I really want to start grad school in January?

Am I just scared, or is it not what I want?

If I start, I want to finish.  But what about all the LIFE that happens in the course of two years that might tempt me to stop?

Do I have the time?  (Maybe.)  Do I have the money?  (No.)  Do I have the creativity? (I’m not sure.)

Do I have the drive?  (I think.)

self doubt

1 thought on “Doubting Myself

  1. You will THRIVE in grad school, Jackie! You most certainly have the drive and the creativity to succeed in grad school, and you’ve already proven by writing your novel that you can make time/prioritize what’s important to you. The doors all swung wide open to make this happen, which tells me that this is part of God’s plan for you. You can do this!

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