Opus on 1st

As my faithful blog readers know, I love to share my creative jots and scribbles with you.  I also love to read the creative work of others.

I’d like to introduce a new monthly feature on the Lights All Around blog: Opus on 1st!


What is it? Opus on 1st is a monthly meme hosted by Lights All Around.  Creative writers are provided with a monthly theme that is open to the writers’ interpretation.  On the 1st of the month, everyone will share their poetry or prose that all relates to the monthly theme.

So, what do I do? Check out the upcoming theme on the Opus tab.  Prepare your opus– whether poetry, flash fiction, creative non-fiction– and post it on the 1st of the month, being sure to link back to Lights All Around.  Writers will also post the links to their posts in the comments section on Lights All Around.  In this way, we can all read each others (semi-) related work!

Who can participate? Anyone!

August’s theme is “yellow”– so get writing!

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