I am being mentored at my workplace, and Monica, my brilliant mentor, said to me the other week, “If we are being conformed into the likeness of our Redeemer, then we should be little redeemers.”

I like that idea.  I think.

Remember John Coffey in The Green Mile?  How he could siphon illness and even death from people with his touch– and then would expel it from his mouth like ashes?

Sometimes I wish I could do that for the readers of this blog.  Just steal your suffering away.

Reminds me of the verse from Galatians 3: “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us” (emphasis mine).

I love that RESCUE is God’s work, and I will count it an honor if he grants that I be used as a tool in that work.


2 thoughts on “Redeemer

  1. You are definitley a tool Jackie, thank you for all you share. Just struggling a bit tonight grieving such close christian friendships before OCD, thanks so much again Jackie,


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