Words I Love

pick upHe paused, then said, “Gahhh, I love the word crux.  How could anyone not love that word?”

I giggled.

He continued, “The word even looks like what it is, like this important little block, this core.”

“Mmm,” I said in agreement.  “How about cavalier?  Rolls right off your tongue.”

Applause,” he said.



Valor,” I said.  “Doesn’t it just make you want to storm a castle?”  I pushed up my sleeve.  “Look, I have goosebumps!”


Other favorites:





What are yours?


4 thoughts on “Words I Love

  1. No joke, I was going to do a blog post about this very thing! I love lavish, resplendent, cacaphony, conundrum, quip, wigwam, serendipity… I’m sure I could think of more!

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