Introducing Crux Literary Journal

Hi friends!

Today I’m excited to tell you about a new project of mine.  Crux Literary Journal is a brand-new online arts project that launches today at

I love Jesus.  I love quality writing.  But so often in my life, I have found Christian literature to be cheesy, over-sentimental, and sub-par.

But I know it doesn’t have to be this way.  That’s why I started Crux.  

Crux Literary Journal is committed to publishing works of Christian art that display true excellence.  We publish poems and stories that are real, gritty, raw, even savage– but laced with the grace that is ours through the cross.

I invite you today to check out the site’s first two posts– a short story by T.J. Martinson and a poem by Anna Stone.  Both pieces are brilliant.

What else can you do to support Crux?

1. Follow the blog site.
2. Leave encouraging comments for the writers.
3. Submit your own creative work with Christian themes.




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