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Just finished …

Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach | The subtitle on this novel is “The summer I went from a joke to a jock.”  Felton Reinstein has gotten tall and fast, and suddenly his high school football team wants to recruit him to play.  In the same summer, his best friend leaves to spend the summer in South America, a beautiful young pianist moves into town, and Felton’s mother ceases acting like a mother.  This is his story, and I rather enjoyed it, even though it felt more geared toward boys.  That said, I loved Herbach’s great VOICE in this story, and it was a lot deeper and more serious than I thought it was going to be (the back cover copy made it sound like it was all going to be about becoming a jock, but really it was more about his family issues and going through big changes).  Bravo!  And Herbach is from Minnesota– he teaches at MSU-Mankato!

Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets by Evan Roskos | James Whitman is not related to Walt Whitman, but he is obsessed with him.  He’s also depressed, thinks a lot about suicide, and is trying to piece together why his older sister Jorie was expelled from their high school and kicked out of their family home.  A very impressive debut by Evan Roskos!  Yawp!!

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell | After devouring Eleanor and Park last month, I was desperate to get my hands on anything else written by Rowell.  She has another new book in the works, but her only other publication is Attachments, an adult novel, which was a nice change of pace for me!  This book is set during the Y2K scare, when the internet was still a new commodity.  Lincoln’s job is to monitor the interoffice emails to make sure that people are following company policies.  But Beth and Jennifer’s emails are so hilarious that he doesn’t send out a warning … and instead, he keeps reading their emails, simultaneously falling in love with Beth through her emails.  This book was incredibly well-written and very funny.  I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.  I was trying not to be too jealous of Rowell’s spot-on humor and description, as well as her incredible characterization.  It was definitely different to read a book where the main characters actually don’t interact throughout most of it; in fact, you don’t even know what Beth looks like for a lot of the book!  But quite fascinating.  Highly recommend.  And I will definitely be buying Rowell’s Fangirl, coming out September 2013.

The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle | Brilliant and beautiful. Every. Single. Time.  (More on this tomorrow!)

Plus a bunch of Narnia (as always!) and Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

Currently reading …

Quitter by Jon Acuff

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

Bonus …

Found out Billy Collins is publishing Aimless Love: New and Collected Poems in October 2013!  So excited!


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