the two biggest liars I know

The two biggest liars I know:

1) Satan, the father of lies.

2) Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

And one of the most often-repeated and terrifying lies is this: you will always feel this way.

It’s not true.  It’s not only a lie but a dangerous one– it pushes us to do something to relieve the anxiety.  And then those compulsions become their own monsters.  We build our lives on this ugly foundation of deception.

Thoughts are just thoughts; they do not necessitate actions.  OCD tells lies like you will hurt your child, you will cause someone to kill himself, if you don’t do that just right then something bad will happen, it is all your responsibility.


You do not keep the world spinning on your own.

In fact, you don’t keep it spinning at all.

Learn the enemy’s voice– and when you hear it, know that what it says is a lie.  It’s the only language it speaks.

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