my littlest friends

Tracy is a dear friend from college, and these are her three little daughters, my favorites!

Emma (4), Ava (almost 2), Elsie (3 months) … I welcome you to gush about how adorable they are.  I can’t seem to stop doing it myself!  Em is SO SMART– she catches onto things so quickly, and she is always so excited to see me.  There is nothing quite like having a child make you feel like a rockstar.  Avie is the little sugar mouse!  If there is candy anywhere in the vicinity, Aves will sniff it out and you’ll find the wrappers in her wake.  At only three months, Elsie and I don’t know each other too well yet, but you’d better believe that Auntie Jackie can’t wait to watch her grow!

I feel so blessed to know these girlies!  If I go for over a week without seeing them, I have symptoms of withdrawal.  Aren’t they the cutest?!!

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