would you read it?

How do you choose between hell and, well, hell?

In the novel LIGHTS ALL AROUND, Neely Jane Richter, a neurotic and endearing young poet, is at her own personal crossroads: continue life in the clutches of OCD or battle the disorder head-on with a hard-ass therapist who doesn’t find Neely amusing in the least.

It’s a choice that will force her to embrace uncertainty—in her writing, in her spirituality, and in her relationships both with Matt Coty, the man she loves, and Gabe Reed, her attractive but wayward new friend who wants to take Matt’s place.  At her end of her strength, Neely—supported by quirky friends and neighbors—clumsily tackles life, love, and healing.

Leave any suggestions for ways to improve my hook and description!

2 thoughts on “would you read it?

  1. Wow! I love it! I would pick it up to read immediately! 😀 It really grabbed my attention, but, and I’m not sure how to change it, it seemed to be a little wordy in the last paragraph. I think it’s fine how it is now though too.


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