Guest Posts

Guest Posts

If you’d like to write a guest post for my blog, please email me with the topic of your post, why you believe it is a good fit for my website, and its audience.

Right now I am only interested in guest posts about OCD, mental illness, stigma, and related topics.

1 thought on “Guest Posts

  1. F**K Fears (put a smiley here)
    The story begins with a mistake, a bad judgment. We all trip in life; all of us have a monkey to carry. Some might have grown being at the receiving end of bullying, some faced each and every breathing moment with the fear of not being good enough, not being wise enough and some are just terrified at the idea of not being loved.
    We all have our fears!
    The only difference is that some are able to look at those fears and say: ‘’I won’t be you’re little playing doll, you won’t get me son of a bitch!’’.
    I’m not saying that it’s an easy task to do. But I think that the only way to be happy is not to be rich or famous. It’s to be able to live knowing that tomorrow those fears might still be there, but you’ll be able to take them, break them and crush them like an elephant would crush a big strong car!
    Don’t fear your fears, face them and show them that even though they might feel real and scary, they can’t have any hold on you, unless you let them!

    I started to write to relieve me from the paine and the solitude! To this day i still have no confidence in myself. I still think I,m no good at this. But You helped me so much in my journey so far, I wanted to maybe help back in my own way and maybe prove to myself that I might be able to write my own stuff!

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